Host Genetics in Viral Pathogenesis and Controls


Dynamic host-virus interactions determine the outcomes of virus infection, clinical sequelae and prophylactic or therapeutic responses. Host genetic variants in genes involved in viral life cycle and defences against infection affect the fate of viral exposures. Host proviral and antiviral factors have been identified for many medically important viruses, but the role of host genetics for most viruses remains elusive or unexplored. The highly variable outcomes of viral infections are likely attributable to complex interactions between the host and pathogen genetic variation. The identification of host genes and key pathogen-interacting factors by genome-wide genetic, expression, epigenetic profiling and other emerging technologies should provide important insights to combating viral diseases.

This Research Topic aims to present original research, commentaries, and reviews on the state of the art research and the future directions for host-viral interactions.

Specifically, we encourage the submission of reviews, original research reports, methods articles, commentaries and perspectives, in the following (but not limited to) topics:

• Human genetic variations (structural variants, CNVs and SNPs) that affect susceptibility to viral infection and outcomes.

• Host transcriptomic, proteomic, epigenetic changes that shapes viral infections.

• Genetic factors that affect host immune response to vaccine and antiviral therapies.

• Dynamic host-virus genetic interactions driven by selective pressures.

• Functional analyses of host genetic association of viral infections

• Genetic factors that control Innate and adaptive immunity responses to viruses.

• Computational or statistically modelling to address prevention, treatment interventions, and effective control of viral epidemics.

• Utilization of cellular systems, animal models, or single cell analyses to interrogate host genetic control of viral replication and pathogenesis.

• Systems biology approaches integrating the “omics” of infection and host responses.

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