Is There any Relationship Between Fingerprints and ABO Blood Groups? A Forensic Interest


In crime scene investigation, fingerprints and blood stains are important and can lead to identification of individuals. Several studies have previously shown a relationship between fingerprints and the ABO blood groups system. In order to look for this relationship, the present study was conducted on 300 subjects. Fingerprints were taken and blood group typing were performed. The sex ratio of our study population was 1.3. Loops were globally more common (54.4%) respectively followed by Whorls (35.9%) and Arches (9.7%). This distribution varied significantly according to gender. Considering the ABO blood groups, Loops and Whorls were most encountered in O+ subjects with respectively 29.1% and 21.6%. However, these frequencies were low in the others blood groups (A-, A+, AB-, AB+, B- and B+). Arches were predominant in persons with blood phenotype A.