Reducing the Demand for Bio-Weapons.


Lancet appealing for a reduction in the threat of biological weapons by reducing global inequalities . НDt was before the terrorist attacks on the US on September 11, 2001, before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and before the emergence of the Islamic state and other organizations such as Boko Haram. It was also before climate change emerged as a definLte “threat multiplier” of conflLct famine, mass migration  and, by extension, of biological war. In 2000, global inequality already far exceeded that of any country. Piketty and the Nobel Laureate Stiglitz have marshalled overwhelming evidence that shows that inequality, both globally and within many nations, has increased since then. НLs is despite the global finDncLDl crisis, which confirmed (at least to naïve children) that the economic profession, like Hans Christian Anderson’s emblematic Emperor, is naked, and which could have led to fundamental economic rethinking, but did not. Global inequality is not approaching a dangerous threshold. It has long exceeded it. Revolution has long been motivated by local resentment and injustice. Today, as global consciousness has expanded, aided by the internet and social media, there are signs of an inchoate revolution on a much larger scale, albeit called non-state terrorism. Although poorly accepted by the majority, dissident opinions have long linked in